Flexispy Software Download – Features & Benefits

Flexispy is mobile monitoring software for smart devices such as tablet and smart phone. One can use it on a wide variety of handsets such as iphone, ipad and blackberry. It monitors calls, SMS, and emails and provides alerts and detailed reports. In addition, it can track a person’s location because of its gps capabilities. With this software, real time tracking is the case after which delivery of data collected to a person’s pc and mobile phone takes place.


After reading this review, one will be able to make a decision whether or not to buy this app. According to many reviews, this application has more than 150 mobile spy features. Before making any buy decision, it is necessary to know the benefits, drawbacks and features of this software. A free download for iphone and other types of mobile phone operating systems, is available.


What Is It For?

Flexispy is an app for keeping tabs of children and employees. It helps one to know what a person is accessing on a smart phone. It is ideal for mobile tracking.

One can use this software for a wide range of applications because of its handy features like gps and support for android. With flexispy extreme or pro x, a person can catch a cheating spouse. Premium versions of this app are quite handy. Not only will they reveal the secrets of a cheating spouse but also they are useful when it comes to monitoring employees and protecting children.



Flexispy pro x, extreme and other premium alternatives offer a number of breakthrough mobile monitoring features. According to the review, call interception is the most valuable feature of this app. This functionality gives an individual the ability to listen and record live phone calls. This feature is unique to flexispy; other spy software do not support call monitoring.


SMS Tracking

This is another valuable addition to this app. Because of this feature, it is possible to read email messages and SMS of a person, after logging into your account from a pc. Ability to access alerts and reports in relation to monitored SMS, calls and emails from a pc, makes it easy to analyze this data.


Password Cracker & GPS Tracking

This functionality makes it possible to read passwords and pass codes contained in any ipad, blackberry, iphone or android phone.  On top of being able to crack passwords, it is also possible to pinpoint the exact location of a phone because of advanced gps settings.


Find Below other Features Listed And Device Compatibility


* Listen to live calls – All devices.

* Listen to phone surroundings – All devices.

* Record calls – Android.

* Call logs – All devices.

* VOIP call logs – iPads & iPhones.

* Record phone surroundings – Not available on Blackberry.

* Facetime spy cam – iPads.



* SMS messages – All devices.

* MMS messages – Not available on Blackberry.

* Send fake SMS messages – All devices.

* Delete SMS messages that have keywords – All devices.

* Read Emails – All devices.


Spy on Pass-codes

* Pass-codes – Android, iPhones & iPads.

* Application passwords – Android, iPhones & iPads.

* Email passwords – Android, iPhones & iPads.


GPS Location

* Track GPS Location – All devices.


Chats on Social Media & IM

* WhatsApp – Android & iPhones.

* Facebook & Messenger – Android, iPhones & iPads.

* Viber – Android, iPhones & iPads.

* Skype – Android, iPhones & iPads.

* WeChat – Android, iPhones & iPads.

* iMessage – iPhones & iPads.

* BBM – Not available on Symbian.

* Blackberry PIN – Blackberry.

* Yahoo Messenger – Android, iPhones & iPads.

* Snapchat – iPads & iPhones.

* Hangouts – Android, iPhones & iPads.


Spy on Applications

* Address Book – All devices.

* Calendar – Android, iPhones & iPads.

* Notes – iPads & iPhones.

* Installed programs – Not available on Blackberry.

* Program activity – All devices.


Get Alerts In The Following Situations

* SIM card is changed – All devices.

* Specific contacts are called – All devices.

* There is an alert wizard – All devices.



* Hide jailbreak – iPads & iPhones.

* Hide superSU – Android.

* Hide from the list of applications and task manager – All devices.



* Audio – All devices.

* Video – All devices.

* Image – All devices.


Spy Remotely

* Restart device – iPads & iPhones.

* Check battery status – All devices.

* SMS remote commands – All devices.

* Taking pictures using the camera – Not available on Blackberry.


Internet Spy

* Web pages visited – Android, iPhones & iPads.

* Bookmarks – Android, iPhones & iPads.


Ease of Use

* Easy to install – All devices.

* Online remote commands – All devices.

* Upgrading – All devices.

* Update – Android, iPhones & iPads.

* Renewing – All devices.

* Deactivation – All devices.

* Uninstallation – All devices.


 How Does It Work?

It begins to track the activities of a phone user immediately after download. It runs in stealth mode therefore a person will not know that tracking is taking place. Mobile monitoring will involve logging call and SMS information. The person who installed the app will receive the data collected. One can access reports and alerts from pc or any mobile device.


How To Install Flexispy?

1. Make your purchase (make sure you provide your correct email address).

2. A welcome email will be sent to you that contains all the details needed to log into your online account.

3. With the target phone in your hand, log into your online account.

4. Installation wizard will appear to guide you through the installation process (your activation code will appear during the installation).

5. After installation, you can log into your account and go to: Help > Reference Manual > Quick Setup to set up the main features you will need.



Flexispy cannot wipe a phone remotely. This functionality is not necessary on spy software since most providers of mobile phone operating systems offer web based interfaces for remote wiping of phones.



The fact that this software supports the full spectrum of mobile operating systems makes it the most beneficial mobile monitoring app in the market. It has not only been made for android but is also compatible with ipad, iphone and blackberry. This software provides detailed reports that are easy to read and interpret.


Articles and videos about how to install flexi spy and other matters are available on the official website. In addition, customer service and support of this app is simply outstanding. This software has unique features that make it to stand out in the market of mobile monitoring applications. It is one of the only apps with password cracker and gps support. This spy software collects data from different types of messaging platforms such as WhatsApp, BBM, Line, Viber, Skype, and WeChat.


The Bottom Line

This app has all the necessary features plus a host of unique functionality. The biggest plus is that it runs in stealth mode. It also has the most advanced tracking mechanisms that can pinpoint with laser accuracy where a smart phone is located.


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    Also check out Spy Camera OS easier UI 😉

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    Lol it didn’t take the picture did it? You need to touch the screen to take
    a shot if it isn’t set to continuous. great app.

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    Can the front facing camera also be used for sneaky videos?

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    Yes it can for sure.

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    Yes it did…

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    is there a limit to file size when in video mode???

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    Not sure…

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    Is it possible to see the homescreen instead of the black screen when
    making pictures?

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    does it have motion sensor

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    is it available for iPhones ?

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    the camera sucks ufortunately :/

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    Is it Sage?

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    +munti sattar Yes it is completely safe, thanks…

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    Can’t find it in play store when I search for it

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    Using this app you can use your phone (browse www, user navigation or play
    the game) while recording video:

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    I’m actually using Secret Video Recorder and is pretty usefull, running in
    background, actually u can use normally the phone while u’re recording
    audio or video, even turn off the screen and block the phone, with picture
    mode too. I really recomend that app, im using it at my car

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    I am looking for the app that allows you to use the front and back camera
    at the same time with motion.

  21. Wolf3fd October 16, 2014 at 7:14 pm - Reply

    Isn’t it useless? You have to point the camera in the recording direction
    anyway and that means the other side will eventully find out that there is
    something wrong with your phone (if not then it is useless as well, because
    it means they don’t give a shit about it)… But they will not see the
    screen anyway, so there is no point of blacking it out.

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    I want a gadget that will detect undercover recordings around me

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